This section is dedicated to white truffles only. Special and innovative line with high-quality products and natural flavors. Gourmet creations for special moments to share with special people. In this line, you can enjoy the sauce made with spinach, pumpkin, and white truffles creamy. All 3 sauces are made of Parmesan cheese, single cream, and butter to create a creamy sauce.

The spinach sauce is like a souffle with 10% white truffle, it can also be heated in the microwave and therefore ready to be tasted in its jar.

For pumpkin lovers, we offer an exquisite truffle pumpkin sauce, ready to be enjoyed as a sauce for pasta or rice or as a spread on bruschetta or sandwiches. Here too there is a 10% of white truffle.

In the white truffles creamy, on the other hand, we find all 2 white truffles, the Magnatum Pico and Albidum Pico, for a 5% total. The creamy can be used not only for pasta and rice but also as a starter, as a special parmesan and truffle soup.

In this special line, we find only natural flavors to give a delicate and refined taste.

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