With this wonderful product you can make butter, and mayonnaise as well as the classic bruschetta, fillings, sauces, and mousses, and used it on meats and in any other way you want to use it, very versatile, recommended only not to cook it directly.

Composed of 89% truffle and the rest a pinch of oil, salt, and natural flavors, practically the best substitute for fresh truffles but in cream format and available all year round. Designed for those who love the natural taste of truffles. Produced with Italian truffles harvested in high season when it has reached the right ripeness and then immediately processed to keep its aroma and unmistakable taste in the best possible way.

The fine black truffle cream is slightly different from the others 3. Always of the highest quality but with 90% of fine black truffle Melanosporum Vittadini with a bit of salt, water, and aroma

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