Also in this section, we find all 4 truffles and a product of the highest quality with a very high percentage of truffles, 68-70%, and they are also part of the pure ones. Different from 89% creams but always of excellent quality, they can be used in many preparations and dishes, over bread, meat, eggs, sauces, fillings, and fresh stuffed pasta but also to make mayonnaise, butter, truffle mustard, and wherever you want to taste this wonderful ingredient. They win the second place in our ranking of best substitute for fresh, second only to the 89% creams

  • Pâté 68%

    Summer Truffle Pâté 68%

  • Pâté 68%

    Bianchetto Truffle Pâté 70%

  • Pâté 68%

    Fine Black Truffle Pâté 68%

  • Pâté 68%

    Fine White Truffle Pâté 68%

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