White Truffle or Bianchetto (Albidum Pico/ Borchii)


The Bianchetto Truffle (or white/whitish truffle), scientific name TUBER ALBIDUM PICO or BORCHII, is distinguished from the white truffle for its characteristic color and smaller size. Outwardly it can be confused with Tuber Magnatum, because it originally has the same characteristics, irregular, smooth and off-white in color but its scent is less strong than the Precious White Truffle, even if its taste is still good, pleasant and intense. It is generally irregular in shape, with a smooth orange surface tending to rust. Inside, it has a whitish gleba, darker in color than the white truffle, with brownish tones with ivory-colored veins.

Aroma and Taste

Persistent, slightly garlicky, very pleasant in moderate quantities

Collection Period

From mid-January to mid-April

Storage Method

The bianchetto truffle must be kept in the refrigerator wrapped in absorbent paper, taking care to wrap each truffle individually. It will then be necessary to change the paper to prevent mold from forming. In this way, it will be possible to preserve the bianchetto truffle for no more than 5/7 days.


The truffle should be cleaned only a few minutes before using it, under cold water with a brush, taking care not to damage it as the truffle is wonderful but really delicate.

To get the most out of them, it’s best served as simply as possible, not cooked. It can be sliced or grated over the dish, if used on a warm dish, how can be our pasta and rice, it bring out its best aroma. Good pairing with eggs and meat tartare dish.

To appreciate the taste of the truffle at its best it should be consumed as soon as possible, we advise the sooner the better.

Wrap each truffle in paper individually without removing the ground dirt.

Change the paper frequently. The paper must remain dry to prevent mold and therefore change the paper daily.

Store in the fridge (+2’C/+6’C) in the least cold part of the fridge closed in a glass container, also to prevent the aromatic contamination with other foods.

The fresh truffle pulled out of its habitat and therefore from the ground, in addition to losing quality, also loses weight every day (1-2%). This is a very normal phenomenon when it comes to fresh truffles, so eating it as soon as possible is the best choice.


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